Garfield County COVID-19 cases

The case data below gives a snapshot for the county. Data is updated regularly, and may be different than other sources due to variations in reporting times.


Number of deaths/Número de muertes:

November 13 update (14-day period: 10-30 to 11-13 )

Holiday Gatherings
The holidays are about family, and no one wants to be sick or in the hospital, especially this time of year. Keep the holidays small and before you gather, take a 14-day break; limiting non-essential outings and get-togethers, and make a promise to wear masks and stay distanced. Take care of those that you love by not sharing illness. It’s far too easy to spread COVID. While most people recover, some have lasting health impacts that alter normal life for many months.

Make your quarantine plan before it happens / what does quarantine really mean?
With a high volume of COVID spread in the community it is important to make your COVID plan now, before you or someone in your family is affected.
We need people to begin to think about their personal COVID plan. What will you do if you receive a COVID exposure notification or are told to quarantine?

Quarantine means:
-The person should not go to stores, school, social gatherings, sports, or church for the full 14-day period. It is all right to spend time outside, but if you encounter others who are not in your household, stay six feet away and wear a mask.

-Quarantine only ends after the 14-day period when no symptoms have started or if COVID symptoms develop. If symptoms develop, get tested within 1-2 days and begin isolation following the CDPHE guidelines.

-Other household members of a person in quarantine are considered ‘contacts of a contact’ and are not required to quarantine. However, everyone should continue to monitor symptoms and seek medical evaluation if symptoms develop.

-Quarantine at home does not mean isolating the person from the rest of the family but wearing masks and distancing within the home are recommended during this time.

*Coronameter reviewed Mondays and Thursdays at the end of the day each week and updated as necessary based on the indicators below.