Garfield County providing $175,000 matching grant toward new Silt interchange project

Town, CDOT providing additional $250,000 apiece toward improvements

September 17, 2020

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO – Garfield County has approved the reauthorization of a matching grant for $175,000 toward a new Interstate 70 interchange at Silt to help cover design and engineering costs. The town of Silt noted in its request that the upgrades, including a new pedestrian bridge and two new roundabouts, are critical to Silt’s economic future and pedestrian safety.

Initially approved as a match in 2019 for a different federal grant application that wasn’t awarded, the county had already budgeted the funding, which is now reauthorized to match a Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) grant. Both Silt and CDOT are contributing $250,000 toward the new interchange, which could help foster new economic growth in the area.

The project will also widen roadways throughout the interchange. The county’s grant added to the Silt and CDOT funding covers 30 percent of that cost. Silt is working with CDOT on requests for bids for the engineering phase of the project.

Silt Town Administrator Jeff Layman told the Board of County Commissioners that the entire project will likely cost between $25 and $40 million, and that more funding will be available once the project is closer to “full design.”

“We need to take this off in bite-sized pieces and just keep the process moving,” he said.

“I like to see that CDOT is supporting you and encouraging you,” said Commissioner Mike Samson. “That’s a green light to me that this is going to go forward with their blessings.”

The commissioners approved reauthorization of the funding to be used for the CDOT matching grant unanimously, 3-0.