Sinkhole closes County Road 109 today

County Road and Bridge Department to dig for cause

April 10, 2015

Update 4/11/15 12:50 pm
Garfield County Road and Bridge crews completed repairs to the broken pipe, filled in the excavated hole and reopened the road by the middle of the day Saturday, April 11.

Update 4/10/15 4:30 pm
Road and bridge excavated the area and found a leaking irrigation pipe. Repair is estimated to be completed by the end of the day on Saturday, April 11.

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO – County Road 109 (Hardwick Bridge Road) near Aspen Glen Subdivision closes completely this morning at 7 am due to a sinkhole that developed over the past couple of days. Garfield County Road and Bridge crews are excavating the site of the sinkhole in an attempt to determine its cause. Drivers are asked to detour the area completely, as the road is to be completely closed. Emergency locators identified lines in the area and the county will work overtime this weekend in the sinkhole area.

Garfield County Road and Bridge crews have placed approximately 30 tons of soil material into the sinkhole to attempt to maintain access for motorists this week, and to fill the developing hole.

This sinkhole is an exception to normal movement for this county road, as it is larger and deeper than others. It grew from approximately four inches deep to five feet deep overnight on Wednesday. County Road 109 is known for its movement and Garfield County Road and Bridge crews regularly fill smaller holes that develop.

At this time, there is no known time of reopening the road. Motorists are advised to avoid the area. Alternate routes are Highway 82, or a route utilizing three mountain roads – County Road 108 – Thompson Creek Road to County Road – 125 Dry Park Road and County Road 117 – Four Mile Road.

Travelers in the area have moved the safety cones and advisory signs to drive through during the couple of days that the sinkhole developed this week. This is a very hazardous practice and could result in injury for drivers. Motorists are asked to strictly obey signage and cones or to choose other routes of travel.