Garfield County is seeking qualified military veterans interested in becoming the new veterans service officer (VSO). The contract role entails assisting Garfield County veterans, their families and legal representatives in a wide variety of duties, including benefit claims. This is a contract position, and applicants will submit qualifications to Garfield County Procurement.

The role requires the individual to have served in a branch of the U.S. armed forces and be honorably discharged or an officer on inactive duty, be a resident of Colorado, and a U.S. citizen. The officer assists Garfield County veterans, surviving spouses, administrators, executors, guardians, heirs of veterans, etc., with filing benefit claims and advising on available benefits, assisting with application processes; transportation to appointments; maintaining records and files; and reports out to the Board of County Commissioners quarterly.

Outgoing Veterans Service Officer Lisa Reed-Scott said the ideal candidate should be patient and organized, and have knowledge of veterans’ benefits, services and rights; be proficient with computers and possess excellent communication and presentation skills. Reed-Scott said she cherished her time working with the veterans of Garfield County and that her life is heading a new direction, necessitating her departure from the role.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to serve Garfield County as the Veteran Service Officer. It has been an honor to work with the local veterans and their families,” she said. “I thank everyone for the knowledge and experience I have gained and am very grateful for the time I have spent working with the Western Slope Veterans Coalition and the professional relationships I’ve built.”

This Request for Qualifications (link to the form) (RFQ) is non-exclusive, and can be obtained by contacting Garfield County Purchasing Specialist Cimberlee Barritt at (970) 945-1377, ext. 4021. Garfield County reserves the right to contract with third parties.