Reducing pesticide exposure

Use strictly according to manufacturer's directions.

Mix or dilute outdoors.

Apply only in recommended quantities.

Increase ventilation when using indoors. Take plants or pets outdoors when applying pesticides/flea and tick treatments.

Use non-chemical methods of pest control where possible.

If you use a pest control company, select it carefully.

Do not store unneeded pesticides inside home; dispose of unwanted containers safely.

Store clothes with moth repellents in separately ventilated areas, if possible.

Keep indoor spaces clean, dry, and well ventilated to avoid pest and odor problems.

Read the label and follow the directions. It is illegal to use any pesticide in any manner inconsistent with the directions on its label.

Unless you have had special training and are certified, never use a pesticide that is restricted to use by state-certified pest control operators. Such pesticides are simply too dangerous for application by a non-certified person. Use only the pesticides approved for use by the general public and then only in recommended amounts; increasing the amount does not offer more protection against pests and can be harmful to you and your plants and pets.

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