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Garfield County Community Corrections Facility
0244 County Road 333A
Rifle, CO 81650
Office 970-625-0334, ext. 4400
Fax 970-625-4059

Mission statement
"Garfield County Community Corrections provides opportunities for change through collaborative effort, motivation, facilitation, support assistance and active communication while maintaining public safety."

The facility
Garfield County Community Corrections is a facility located in Rifle, CO, nestled in the foothills of Grass Mesa. Rifle is a very beautiful town full of many activities. There are many lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the area with great gold medal fishing. We also have many trails and bike paths for those that love to hike or ride bikes. The town of Glenwood Springs, located approximately 20 miles from our facility, is home to many great restaurants, as well as two malls and two movie theaters.

Our clients are employed up and down the entire valley. We currently have a capacity of 60 beds and cater to the needs of many clients. We offer an in-house SSIC class along with NA, AA, parenting classes and many other programs to help rehabilitate our clients back into society. We also offer employment opportunities.

Our friendly around-the-clock-staff is here to help whenever you need it. We are proud of what we do and the results show! For more information on this program, please call 970-625-0334, ext. 4400.

Learn more about the residential and non-residential offender reintegration - employment initiative

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment or staff sexual misconduct, you can report it in one of the following ways:

•   Call the PREA line at: 970-625-0334, ext 4451
•  Fill out our online PREA reporting form-|

•   Notify a staff member

•  Tell your case manager or community parole officer

•  Contact the Director:
Rodney Hollandsworth
0244 CR 333A
Rifle, CO 81650

•  Call the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) TIPS line at:
1-877-DOC-TIPS (1-877-362-8477)

•  Contact the CDOC PREA Coordinator:
2862 South Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

•  Report the incident directly to the police

PREA documentation-|

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0244 County Road 333A
Rifle, CO 81650
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