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Community Development - a new name

January 24, 2013

For at least 50 years, Garfield County has had a department called the Building and Planning Department, with the primary job of administering the county's zoning and subdivision regulations, and developing and applying a land use master plan in a regulatory/permit-based culture.
However, since the 1980s, there has been a shift in many government structures around the country to move away from a regulatory role of building and planning to a more service-oriented goal, generally entitled "community development".
As the Garfield County department has matured over time, it has come to offer a wider array of services that are more practically captured under the name Community Development Department, such as oil and gas liaison services, in addition to building and planning services.
Moreover, this name change is similar to other fairly recent changes in Garfield County government, such as the change from social services to Garfield County Human Services and personnel to Garfield County Human Resources, etc.

Given the relatively substantial rural-to-urban size of Garfield County, and the sophistication of the type and quality of the services provided to the community, this is a positive change in the county's government culture for the ultimate benefit of its citizens.

The process of modifying the department's online presence, including documents, pages and menus, will occur over the next few weeks.

Welcome to the Garfield County Community Development Department!

Community Development staff
Garfield County Community Development staff:
(l to r, front row) - Becky Wheelersburg, Administrative Assistant; Fred A. Jarman, Director; Gale Carmoney, Code Enforcement Officer;
(l to r, second row) - Julie Taylor, Administrative Assistant; Denice Brown, Oil and Gas Liaison Assistant; Molly Orkild-Larson, Senior Planner; Kathy Eastley, Senior Planner; Tamra Allen, Planning Manager;
(l to r, rear) - Glenn Hartman, Senior Planner; Kirby Wynn, Oil and Gas Liaison; Brooke Wiening, Administrative Assistant; Jim Wilson, Building Inspector; David Bartholomew, Plans Examiner; Matt Provost, Building Inspector; Andy Schwaller, Building Official.

  Community Development
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