Air quality management

Air quality plans
Air quality planning involves the protection and improvement of the precious air resource we breathe. On this page you will find the Garfield County Air Quality Management Program Plan which includes an overarching vision, implementation strategies, and a strategic direction that have enjoyed broad community support. Also available is annual air monitoring work plans and technical quality assurance plans.

2008-2009 Air Monitoring Work Plan
2010 Air Monitoring Work Plan
2011 Garfield County Air Quality Management Program Plans
2011 Garfield County QA Project Plan: Volatile Organic Compounds

Air monitoring reports

Air monitoring reports are prepared quarterly and annually by Garfield County's air quality consultant to summarize the results of air monitoring that has been conducted and to inform the public of the air pollutant levels throughout Garfield County.

2018 2017 2016
Air monitoring reports
Annual report
2016 Annual Monitoring Report
2016 Newsletter

Air monitoring reports
Annual report
2015 Annual Monitoring Report
2015 Newsletter
Air monitoring reports
Annual report
2014 Annual Monitoring Report
2014 Newsletter
Air monitoring reports
Annual report
2013 Annual Monitoring Report
2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2005-2007
Air monitoring reports
Annual report
2005-2007 Air Monitoring Report

Emissions inventories
Emission inventories are used to help determine significant sources of air pollutants establish emission trends over time, target regulatory actions, and estimate air quality through computer dispersion modeling. An emission inventory includes estimates of the emissions from various pollution sources in a specific geographical area.

Garfield County Emissions Inventory 2010
Garfield County Emissions Inventory 2009
Garfield County Emissions Inventory 2008
Western Regional Air Partnership

Education/outreach documents
Garfield County has worked diligently to provide consistent and factually correct air quality information based on the best research and science available. We have increased public awareness about air quality issues by distributing information in many formats and through several media outlets.

Celebrating National Air Quality Awareness Week
Carbon Monoxide Awareness
Radon Awareness
Secondhand Smoke Awareness
Outdoor Burning Awareness
Motor Vehicle Pollution Awareness
Asthma Awareness
Citizens Guide to Air Quality Management
Smart Citizens Series Air Quality Presentations
Open Burning Information
Smoke Awareness

Special projects
Garfield County has taken on a variety of special collaborative projects through the years aimed not only at better understanding local air quality issues, but also at ways to improving air quality locally and in the region.

Battlement Mesa Site-Specific Sampler
Final Phase I Conditional Sampler Data Report
BM Conditional Sampler BOH Final Presentation
CDPHE Conditional Sampler Comprehensive Final Health Risk Assessment
2-Page Summary Citizens' Report

EPA Regional Geographical Initiatives Grant
Original Word Plan
Garfield County air quality assessment report

Air Quality Improvement Projects
Presentation - Colorado Clean Diesel Program (School bus retrofits)
Final Report - Woodstove Exchange Project
Presentation - Reduced Idling Project

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