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What to expect during winter maintenance

No two winters are the same, but Garfield County Road and Bridge always strives to stay on top of winter maintenance. Each time there is a snow storm, the road and bridge employees try hard to follow an established protocol. Knowing this protocol may help residents clear up a few questions or misconceptions. Clearing roads generally consists of a two-step process.

First, during the snow storm, plows hit the road as early as possible and focus on predetermined primary roads. These roads consist of heavy travel routes, school bus routes, and routes that utilize emergency services.

Second, plows usually return to clear the primary routes after the storm has subsided. It may not appear as if the plows need to go over these routes a second time, but it is imperative to traffic safety. Revisiting the primary plow routes clears additional snow and ice that may have found its way into the road potentially creating driving hazards. Plows also use this time as an opportunity to widen the road back out to its normal width. Regaining the additional width allows for improved safety when approaching oncoming traffic.

it is not the responsibility of Garfield County Road and Bridge to replace mailboxes unless we physically hit it with the plow or truck. If a mailbox has been knocked over or removed from its post, the homeowner must contact us, we will then inspect and take pictures to make sure it was either hit by a plow or truck, or if it was knocked over or off its post by heavy snow. If snow coming off the plow blade knocks the mailbox off or over, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to repair or replace.

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Creating a hazard

Unfortunately, each plowing operation during a snow storm may result in a berm of snow across driveways, or even encroachments to county roads. Due to time and personnel restraints, the county does not have the resources to keep driveways clear. The responsibility of these snow berms falls on the individual resident, and not on the county.

It is prohibited for residents to move the snow back onto the street in order to clear the driveway. This creates a hazard in the roadway, as determined by the State of Colorado. Property owners who create hazards in a public right of way (e.x. plowing snow off private drives, piling construction materials, or placing garbage bins), may be subject to prosecution under C.R.S. §43-5-301. Additionally, the property owner may also be liable for any injury attributable to the hazard. This may include any damage to vehicles caused by the hazard.

The beauty of a Colorado winter comes with unforeseeable hazards. Please remember to take any extra time necessary during the winter months. It is important to drive safe, especially during storms. Together, we can keep you and your neighbors safe. 

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