Garfield County Public Land Access
Road and Trail Map

Garfield County is approximately 60% public land, so mapping the most up-to-date road and trail features is important not only to the public, but to the county, to manage and track travel management planning efforts on public land. This map was created so that the public and county would have a map that is as accurate as possible to display existing roads and trails across the county.

This map includes the latest public land road and trail designations, and the legal mode of travel, such as horse and foot, ATV and or open routes. Additional features include public land access points, existing legal easements, and public land (US Forest Service, BLM and state).

Note that this is a working map and changes will occur at any time, as mistakes are corrected and travel management planning changes occur.

Disclaimer: This map is intended as a benefit to the public to assist in determining the status of existing roads. It is subject to change as the county acquires additional information and is not intended to be a representation of the county’s legal position or intent regarding any particular road.

Public Land Road and Trail Access Map
Garfield County Public Land Road and Trail Access Map


•  Garfield County Road Map

•  White River National Forest Travel Management Plan Map

•  Grand Junction Field Office of the BLM Travel Management Plan maps

•  Colorado River Field Office Travel Management Plan maps

•  USGS Topo and Historical Topographic Map collection

•  USGS 7.5 and 15 minute quad maps

Map Layout – in addition to standard highways and county roads, the map legend includes

•  BLM Administrative Roads
•  Open roads
•  Private roads and trails
•  4WD and ATV trails
•  Bicycle trails
•  Horse and foot trails
•  Unassigned roads and trails yet to be designated by the agencies

*Note that this map legend of roads and trails is not identical to either the BLM or FS TMP map legends as the BLM and FS maps do not use the same symbology; therefore Garfield County combined some of the designations in order to facilitate a clear map.

Existing easements are highlighted as the legend indicates. Access points are locations where the public can legally access public land from county roads.

Historic maps used in the research

Garfield County historic route maps and research


Federal travel management plans

White River National Forest

Travel Management Implementation Action Plan

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