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Garfield County has released a public lands access map for roads and trails countywide.
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Garfield County is approximately 60% public land, so mapping the most up-to-date road and trail features is important not only to the public, but to the county, to manage and track travel management planning efforts on public land. This map was created so that the public and county would have a map that is as accurate as possible to display existing roads and trails across the county.

Disclaimer: This map is intended as a benefit to the public to assist in determining the status of existing roads.  It is subject to change as the county acquires additional information and is not intended to be a representation of the county’s legal position or intent regarding any particular road.

Garfield County Public Access Road and Trail Map

Garfield County federal lands:
Bureau of Land Management: 615,973 Acres
U.S. Forest Service: 515,865 Acres
Bureau of Reclamation: 2,335 Acres

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