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The Procurement Department serves the Citizens of Garfield County by advising Departments and Elected Officials in the efficient procurement of quality goods and services in a fair, transparent, and ethical manner through a competitive and professional process.

The Garfield County Procurement Department has begun accepting online bid and proposal submissions. This is for any solicitation the county posts to Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) after July 1, 2017.
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Garfield County will accept solicitation responses in both physical and electronic formats for any solicitation posted to the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) website on or after July 1, 2017. For all physical bid and proposal submissions the process remains the same. For electronic bid and proposal submissions, all bids/proposals must be submitted via the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System at It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that electronic bids/proposals are submitted prior to closing time. The Procurement Department does not have access or control of the vendor side of RMEPS. If website or other problems arise during response submission, vendor MUST contact RMEPS to resolve issue prior to the response deadline at 800-835-4603. Electronic bids/proposals shall be uploaded as a single PDF file.
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7/26/17 Now accepting electronic bids at
5/25/17 New contracts portal posted below

Solicitation title - Please click solicitation number to see documents
Solicitation number Title Type Buyer Status Publication date
closing date
IFB-GC-LF-03-18 Single Smooth Drum Rollers IFB Ryan Peskuski Open 4/17/2018
IFB-GC-FG-02-18 Garfield County Fairgrounds Audio Visual System IFB Rob Schober Open 4/16/2018
IFB-GC-AP-02-18 Garfield County Airport Snow Removal Equipment Storage Building IFB Rob Schober Open 4/10/2018
RFP-GC-CM-02-18 Garfield County Federal Lands Policy Coordination and Consistency Review Plan RFP Jamaica Watts Open 4/6/2018
IFB-GC-SO-01-18 Detention Center Remodel IFB Gene Duran Open 4/3/2018
IFB-GC-AP-01-18 Garfield County Airport Seal Coat and Restripe Airfield Pavements IFB Rob Schober Open 3/28/2018

Closed solicitations 2018
Sol. Number Title Buyer Fully Executed Agreement
IFB-GC-FM-01-18 Mountain View Restroom Remodel Ryan Peskuski Award Pending
IFB-GC-RB-04-18 Hook Truck Tank Ryan Peskuski Award Pending
IFB-GC-RB-05-18 Blades & Bits Rob Schober Award Pending
IFB-GC-RB-06-18 2018 Chip & Seal Projects Ryan Peskuski Award Pending
IFB-GC-RB-07-18 2018 Asphalt Paving Projects Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-MP-02-18 2018 Vehicle Purchases Ryan Peskuski Award Pending
IFB-GC-RB-03-18 As Needed Asphalt Ryan Peskuski Award Pending
IFB-GC-RB-02-18 John Deere or Caterpillar Equipment Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-LF-02-18 Landfill Alternative Daily Cover Scott Henriksen Award Pending
RFP-GC-CM-01-18 Wireless Network Coordinated Services & Provision and install Network Equipment Jamaica Watts Award Pending
IFB-GC-MP-01-18 GSCO Vehicle Upfitting Ryan Peskuski View agreement
IFB-GC-RB-01-18 Baxter Pass Maintenance Ryan Peskuski View agreement
RFP-GC-SO-01-18 Animal Services Jamaica Watts Award Pending
RFP-GC-FG-01-18 Fairgrounds Audio Visual Engineer and Design Services Scott Henriksen View agreement
RFP-GC-RB-01-18 Battlement Mesa Drainage Engineer Scott Henriksen View agreement
IFB-GC-LF-01-18 Landfill Grinder/Shredder Scott Henriksen View agreement
RFP-GC-LF-01-18 Landfill Environmental Consulting Scott Henriksen View agreement
IFB-GC-FE-01-18 PRCA/WPRA Sanctioned Events Ryan Peskuski View agreement A
View agreement B
IFB-GC-RB-12-18 Travelers Highlands Drainage Rob Schober View agreement

Sole Source

No documents at this time
State Price Agreement

No documents at this time
Intergovernmental Agreements

No documents at this time
Agreement title Agreement documents
Garfield County Housing Authority view agreement
Discretionary BOCC grants
Grant title Grant documents
Bookcliffs Council on the Arts & Hamanities view grant
Symphony of the Valley view grant
Northwest Colorado Cultural Heritage Program view grant
GWS-Frontier Historical Society view grant
Garfield County CSU Extension - 4H Council view grant
Grants to non-profits
Grant title Grant documents
Liberty Classical Academy view grant
Youth Entity view grant
Garfield County Search & Rescue view grant
Aspen Community Foundation – Preschool on Wheels view grant
Roaring Fork Center of Community Leadership view grant
5 Point Film Festival view grant
Youthzone - Youth Diversion Program view grant
Family Visitor Program (Humanitarian Service Awards) view grant
Community Counts view grant
Grants to other governments
Grant title Grant documents
Grants for Human Services
Grant title Grant documents
River Bridge Regional view grant
Mind Springs Health Inc. view grant
Family Visitor Program view grant
Feed my Sheep view grant
Advocate Safe House project view grant
Hospice of the Valley view grant
Roaring Fork Family Resource Center view grant
Youth Zone view grant
Salvation Army view grant
Mountain Family Health view grant
Literacy Outreach view grant
Home Care of the Grand Valley view grant
River Center of New Castle view grant
Alpine Legal Services view grant
Windwalkers Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy Center view grant
Human Services - mini-grants
Grant title Grant documents

The open solicitation tab is representative of current solicitations of Garfield County. Vendors and the public are strongly advised to consult Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing for the most accurate depiction of solicitations, including addendums, documents, and deadlines. Garfield County cannot ensure the accuracy or completeness of information provided by private plan rooms. Garfield County is not responsible for any information on this website that is not updated, as Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing is the only source for best, updated information for Requests for Proposals, Invitations for Bids, other solicitations, and award information.

Procurement and Contracts Director- Jamaica Watts
970-384-5018 | phone
970-456-9866 | cell
970-384-5008 | fax
Contracts Manager - Gene Duran
970-625-5904 | phone
970-456-3815 | cell
970-384-5008 | fax
Senior Purchasing Agent - Ryan Peskuski
970-945-1377 ext 7439 | phone
970-846-7906 | cell
970-384-5008 | fax
Procurement Assistant - Denice Brown
970-945-4422 | phone
970-384-5008 | fax

Construction Contracting Officer - Robert Schober
970-945-1377 ext 4019 | phone
970-456-2952 | cell
970-384-5008 | fax

Thank you for your interest in doing business with Garfield County!

Garfield County Procurement
810 Pitkin Avenue
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
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