A mosquito bites a person's hand.

West Nile virus season warrants precautions

Practice the ‘4 Ds’ of prevention

August 24, 2023

West Nile virus has been detected in Garfield and Pitkin counties. West Nile is a virus spread through the bite of an infected mosquito. The type of mosquito that carries West Nile is typically active from June through early September.

This summer, mosquito populations are higher than average, making it even more important to practice the 4-Ds of prevention: Drain standing water, limit outdoor activity at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active, use insect repellents containing DEET, and dress in long sleeves and pants during dusk and dawn.

People of any age can get West Nile virus, though people older than 60 years, or those with certain medical conditions, are at the greatest risk for severe disease. Most people show no symptoms, but in rare cases, the virus can cause serious brain infections.

There is no treatment for West Nile virus, so prevention is key. Learn more about repellents and tips to prevent bites.

Garfield County Public Health information is provided online on the Public Health website.