Vehicle thefts continue in Garfield County

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO. – On Tuesday, December 15, 2020, two Toyota 4Runners were stolen from two different locations in Garfield County.

It appears that these thefts were an orchestrated effort targeting 4Runners , however in many cases the thefts are simply opportunistic. Some cars that are being stolen have been left by their owners to “warm-up” (commonly known as a puffing). Other vehicles were left unlocked with the keys in the ignition or sequestered in an easily accessible location, behind the fuel door of the gas tank, on the floorboards, above the visor, etc.

Everyone is reminded:
1) Never leave your keys in the car, thieves know where to look.
2) Never leave your car unlocked, or the windows rolled down.
3) With the weather getting colder, avoid leaving your car to “warm-up” prior to departing.
4) Don’t leave your car running while you make a quick trip into the post office or a store.
5) Park in high traffic areas where passers-by or other people in a parking lot may take notice of suspicious activity.
6) If you see something suspicious, call 911 immediately and report the location, vehicle involved, if known, and the suspicious individual or individuals. Obtain as much information as you can, without putting yourself or others at risk.
7) If you are parking your car overnight, park in a well lit area.

You may not be able to prevent your car from being stolen, but you can at least make it a bit more difficult for the thief and nearly impossible for the opportunistic “joy” rider.

Our best defense against this crime is citizen awareness and information reporting. Do not approach an unknown suspect yourself. Gather as much evidence as you safely can, remember details and be able to pass that information on to a law enforcement officer. Leave the actual contact up to the authorities.

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