A young boy casts a fishing pole at Sweetwater Lake in northeast Garfield County.

Comments sought on Sweetwater Lake Recreation Management and Development Project

May 3, 2024

The White River National Forest announced that the 90-day public scoping period for the Sweetwater Lake Recreation Management and Development Project Environmental Impact Statement will begin May 6.

“Public involvement is an important part of determining the future of the Sweetwater Lake,” said Eagle-Holy Cross District Ranger Leanne Veldhuis. “This 90-day comment period offers the public an opportunity to provide their thoughts and concerns about our proposed action before we begin our detailed analysis in an environmental impact statement.”

The Proposed Action would authorize a 20-year special use permit to Colorado Parks and Wildlife to implement and maintain improvements outlined in the proposed action on 832 acres of National Forest System lands surrounding Sweetwater Lake. The project area includes 488 acres of land acquired in 2021 through the Land and Water Conservation Fund and 344 acres of previously existing National Forest System lands. It seeks to maintain the traditional recreational opportunities at Sweetwater while minimizing impacts to natural resources and other potential conflicts from increased public interest in recreating at Sweetwater.

Full news release is available online.
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