A person receives a vaccine at a long-term care facility.

Time to get the flu vaccine

Influenza A and B strains circulating in Garfield County

September 13, 2023

Cases of flu are trending up in the United States, with some areas of the south already reaching the “moderate” range according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Garfield County has begun to see Influenza A and B strains circulating.

As flu vaccine becomes available, Garfield County Public Health encourages people to get their shot. September and October are the best times for people to get a flu vaccine, however, vaccination will continue into the spring as long as the virus continues to pose a threat. People vaccinated against the flu are 40- to 70-percent less likely to be hospitalized from flu illness or complications.

There is also good news for people with egg allergies – this year the CDC says that it is safe to receive any flu vaccine (egg-based or non-egg-based) that is appropriate for the recipients’ age and health status.

Public Health anticipates having walk-in clinics beginning in October, though there are several places in Garfield County that have flu vaccines on hand and are offering clinics now. Once clinics begin, Public Health will offer various flu vaccine types including high-dose and nasal FluMist. The vaccine is available for those aged 6 months and older.

Garfield County Public Health information is provided online on the public health website.