Garfield County Fair Board Member Duston Harris, scholarship recipient Tabor Tiffany, and Kati Ledall of the Two Rivers Community Foundation.

Tabor Tiffany pursues dog-training dream

Scholarship paves way for fair and rodeo queen to attend master trainer program in N.C.

October 19, 2023

A scholarship through the Garfield County Fair & Rodeo royalty program is helping a Rifle High School graduate realize a dream of advancing her dog-training skills at a prestigious program in North Carolina. Tabor Tiffany has been awarded $1,500 to cover enrollment costs in Highland Canine Training, Inc.’s master trainer program, which costs $17,775 and provides hands-on experience in dog training.

The master trainer program begins in January and offers training for police dogs, personal protection, drug detection, service dogs, basic obedience, and search and rescue, Tiffany told the Garfield County Fair Board. She’s been training dogs in 4-H since she was 10 years old and has grown to love the work.

“This scholarship is going toward me being able to train dogs and carry out my goals,” she said. “I’ve had this goal for as long as I can remember. I’m going to school in January in North Carolina, and I’ll be training for six months. The program costs more than $17,000, so this scholarship will help me afford it. … This is a great opportunity and I thank you.”

Based in Harmony, NC, Highland’s mission is “to set the global industry standard in training dogs and people; we’re passionate in our pursuit to protect police and military working dog teams, enhance the quality of living for individuals with disabilities, and enrich the lives of people and their pets.”

“Tabor did a great job this year and she deserves it 100 percent,” said Garfield County Fair Board member and Royalty Program Coordinator Duston Harris. “I can tell you that if she goes at training dogs like she did at royalty, she’s going to succeed. This kid works harder than anyone I’ve ever seen.

“We received a letter from a stock contractor who said she could be queen at any rodeo he promotes because she did such a great job,” he added. “They promote more than 400 rodeos per year and she’s one of the best they’ve ever seen.”

The scholarship award, which is handled by the Two Rivers Community Foundation, was approved by the fair board unanimously. Anyone who wishes to donate to the scholarship fund can do so via a donation form that’s available online at