Cutting timber around homes creates a wildfire defensible space. The county is developing a community-wide Community Wildfire Protection Plan.

Garfield County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

October 25, 2011

Garfield County Emergency Management is developing a countywide Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). The CWPP has two purposes. First, it assesses wildfire risks and hazards to a particular community. Second, it helps communities and their local fire departments coordinate their preparation and response to a wildfire and synchronize with nearby communities for the best communication and fastest response to a wildfire.

Communities with CWPPs are given priority for grant funding to implement vegetation-fuel management and other appropriate projects improve wildfire response capabilities. Based on up-to-date information provided in the CWPP, fire districts and communities will be able to organize projects such as building fuel breaks around communities, reducing vegetation-fuels in community spaces, and creating defensible space around structures.

Information about this county-wide CWPP project is posted on the Garfield County Emergency Management website. To learn more about what you can do on your own, take a look at the brochure that provides information on actions that you can and your family can do to protect your home in the event of a wildfire. Colorado State Forest Service (970-248-7325) is available to help homeowners devise a defensible-space plan for their homes.

In an effort to collect the most current and accurate information about your community, we need your help. You can help out by participating in a 10-minute survey on wildfire risks and mitigation needs for your community. To find the survey, please visit the Emergency Management website and look for the CWPP Survey link.

Walsh Scientists and Engineers, LLC will survey the communities of Garfield County and interview fire chiefs. The information gained will be used to assessing wildfire risks and to identify mitigation opportunities for communities. Data and maps of these community assessments will be available to the public on the Garfield County Emergency Management website.

Wildfire Protection Plan