A sign at the Garfield County Landfill near Rifle reads "Garfield County thanks you."

Second quarter revenues up at county landfill

Garfield County staff recently trained on how to handle a fire at the site

July 26, 2022

The Garfield County Landfill near Rifle saw a steady rise in business in the second quarter of 2022, leading to more than $72,000 in increased revenues over the same quarter in 2021. Much of the increase stems from an upswing in metal recycling revenue this year over the same time in 2020, despite receiving less tonnage (867 vs. 518 tons, respectively), accounting for $49,649 due to increased value of the material.

During the second quarter, the landfill served 8,366 customers, up from 7,866 in 2021, collecting more than 9,239 tons of trash. Septic disposal also increased in the second quarter by 14,000 gallons over 2021, increasing revenues by roughly $3,000. E-waste disposal revenues declined from $7,152 in 2021 to $5,965 in the second quarter this year.

Garfield County Landfill Manager Deb Fiscus told the Board of County Commissioners that business has been steady at the landfill and that the enterprise fund facility is covering its costs. She added that staff has recently been trained in how to handle a potential fire at the landfill and are prepared to deal with such an emergency.

“We’re showing a profit through the second quarter of 2022,” she told the board. “If things keep going as they are, we’re going to have a very good year.”