County Road 215 - Parachute Creek Road advisory

February 14, 2014

A several hundred foot section of road has heaved approximately four feet upward on Garfield County Road 215 – Parachute Creek Road. The road is closed, however there is a one lane bypass in the dirt on the shoulder.

Garfield County Road and Bridge crews have installed cones and lighted message boards in place at the location. The location is approximately 6.5 miles north on County Road 215, just past Garden Gulch. The damage occurred due to spring melting and the unstable ground in the area. It is anticipated there will be more movement on the hillside. Oil and gas companies are working with Garfield County Road and Bridge and the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office to continually monitor the area.

Travelers are encouraged to avoid the route if possible. Repairs are expected to take a few months for this magnitude of damage.