The runway at the Rifle Garfield County Airport.

Rifle Garfield County Airport to host Air Force Reserve training event

Military aircraft ground fueling exercises slated for Sept. 12-15

June 24, 2021

The Air Force Reserve is conducting a special fuel operation training exercise at the Rifle Garfield County Airport from Sept. 12 through 15. More than 50 military ground crew are scheduled to take part in the training exercise, which takes place on the ramp and not in the air, though military aircraft are to be stationed at the airport.

The Garfield County Board of County Commissioners has approved a letter of agreement (LOA) approving the training exercise. The ground crews are taking part in classroom exercises and “hot fueling,” during which an aircraft engine is running. The airport will experience an increase in military aircraft traffic, and the Air Force Reserve is conducting more flights than normal for a training exercise happening across the Rocky Mountain region.

Rifle Garfield County Airport Director Brian Condie stressed that the site is going to be secured and the training is not open to the public and there will not be any public parking at or near the airport.

Under the LOA, the Air Force Reserve has exclusive use of a new concrete ramp and the associated asphalt taxiway. In the agreement, its noted that the operation will not interfere with normal traffic, specifically any potential wildfire suppression activities at the airport.

A public advisory is set for distribution again in early September as a reminder of this routine training, and no further information is available at this time.

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