Recycling center opens near Rifle

Garfield County and the City of Rifle announce the opening of a new recycle center near Rifle

August 1, 2012

Rifle, CO – Garfield County has constructed and will manage a new facility on land owned by the City of Rifle for residents to deposit recyclable items. The facility is located between Rifle and the west Rifle exit on Highway 6.

“We are really excited to see the recycle bins installed,” said Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson. “This will be a great resource in Garfield County for our residents to recycle.” The center was created in response to resident requests for such a facility.

The center is now accepting co-mingled glass beverage containers of all colors, recyclable plastics numbered 1-7, and cans made of tin and aluminum. It is also accepting corrugated boxes that are flattened, newspaper – including inserts, magazines and catalogs, office paper and phone books.

Items that are not acceptable include broken glass, plate glass, plastic bags, aluminum foil, light bulbs, medical, pill and vitamin containers, aerosol cans, and chemical or oil containers. Also, paper board boxes, plastic-lined boxes and packing materials are not accepted.

Residents are encouraged to not overfill the bins, and cautioned that items left next to the bins will not be recycled.

Co-mingled materials will be hauled to Basalt to be consolidated, and then will be delivered to a Grand Junction facility for processing. The initial cost to the county for establishing the facility was approximately $15,000.

The hours the facility is open for deposits are Monday – Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. The facility will be closed on Sundays. Information regarding the recycling center is available online.