County continues parking lot projects with vote to reconstruct existing lot

August 16, 2011

Two lots at 7th and Colorado
The Garfield County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) took action Monday, August 15, 2011 to reconstruct the existing county/city-owned parking lot at 7th and Colorado in downtown Glenwood. The BOCC voted to allocate $62,500 for curb and gutter construction, new subsurface preparation and paving, as well as landscaping for this lot, which is already in use for public parking. Once construction is complete, the new county lot shown in the photo above at the left will be joined with the existing co-owned city/county lot shown above at right, and both will be available for daily public parking.

To complete the work, the existing lot will close August 23 through as late as early October for the reconstruction. Parking will be available to the public at a new Pitkin Avenue parking during this closure, and then will be reserved for county employees when the public lots reopen – more information on that parking area is below.

View of the new county owned lot that is under construction. — photo by Renelle Lott

County adds new lot on Pitkin Avenue next to current lot at 8th and Pitkin Streets
Construction also continues on a parking lot on Pitkin Avenue, near 8th Street, with paving expected this week (shown below).

trees near parking lot
The BOCC maintained the trees lining this parking lot near the Garfield County Administration building, courthouse and the Glenwood Springs City Hall. — photo by Renelle Lott

Once construction is complete, the Pitkin Avenue lot will serve as employee parking for the county during working hours, and for public parking on evenings and weekends. It will also provide a lot for county cars displaced when the lot at 7th and Colorado closes for reconstruction.

The combined lots will provide 33 new spaces in the downtown area of Glenwood Springs.