Public Health guidance for planning events in Garfield County

March 18, 2021

Spring and summer are busy seasons for event planners in Garfield County. Event organizers must complete the appropriate forms 30 days prior to hosting an event. An event is defined as an activity that is open to the public, for approximately 40 people or more. Garfield County Public Health has updated its event coordinator guidance with the latest COVID-19 measures and restrictions.

Current event measures in place
• Face coverings are required in all settings, indoor or outdoor
• Organizers are responsible for ensuring that social distancing and mask wearing occur
• Size limits depend on the current COVID Dial Level and are subject to change

Event coordinator required forms
• Fill out a Garfield County Social Distancing Plan. This form can help you think through the steps of planning a great event.
• Complete the Garfield County Event Coordinator Plan at least 30 days prior to the event.

Outdoor events
Outdoor events guide includes: Outdoor receptions, events, fairs, rodeos, non-critical auctions, concerts, outdoor markets, or other outdoor venues not covered in other guidance where these guidelines and adherence to physical distance can be maintained.

Indoor events
Indoor events guide includes: Receptions, events, concerts, non-critical auctions, theaters, trade shows, or other indoor venues not covered in other guidance documents where these guidelines and adherence to physical distance can be maintained.

This guidance does not apply to activities covered under guidelines for restaurants, houses of worship, personal recreation, or outdoor recreation.

Events that can fully follow the restaurant guidelines for the entire event may operate as a restaurant and follow those guidelines and capacity restrictions. This means that parties are seated, there are no shared activities, and any performers are at least 12 feet from patrons if wearing masks (25 feet if unmasked). Please see the restaurant guidance for more details.