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Two new parking lots for downtown Glenwood Springs

June 6, 2011

The Garfield County Board of Commissioners gave a unanimous nod to Gould Construction to build two parking lots in the downtown area of Glenwood Springs. While there were four competing bids for the May 2011 Invitation for Bids, Gould’s was the lowest at $170,603.

The parking lot on 7th street will provide 11 new spaces, and the other on Pitkin Avenue will provide 19 more parking spaces around the Garfield County Administration building and the courthouse.

The county has owned the lots for several years, with plans to increase parking. The lot on Pitkin Avenue will be built after two older houses are leveled, which the county purchased in 2008, rented out, and recently had vacated. Both new lots will adjoin currently paved lots.

The BOCC unanimously approved the bids June 6, and construction will commence over the summer of 2011.

parking lot
Photo of lot on Pitkin Avenue that will provide 19 new spaces across from the Garfield County Administration and Sheriff’s Buildings and the City of Glenwood offices.