Seminar on becoming a local government vendor

October 5, 2011

Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Center and Rifle Regional Economic Development Corporation is presenting a free seminar entitled “How to Do Business with the Government” at the Rifle Branch Library on October 11, 2011, from 2 to 4 p.m.

The Garfield County Procurement Department, along with the Roaring Fork Transit Authority, will present information to local businesses on how to sell to local government. Garfield County Procurement Department will address the following issues of importance to local businesses:

  1. What type of products and services does Garfield County purchase and where can businesses find information on the purchases?;
  2. What is Garfield County’s Local Vendor Preference Code and what can local businesses do to take advantage of the preference? and;
  3. What is Garfield County doing to revise its Procurement Code?

Garfield County staff will be available to answer any questions about the Procurement Department and its processes. Because purchasing decisions play an important role in the economic well-being of the business community and Garfield County, please plan to attend this important free seminar.

Funding of economic development by Garfield County
Garfield County will consider funding economic development activities that include: business retention and expansion, business attraction, targeted enterprise development, workforce development, infrastructure, and real estate/land use redevelopment that result in measurable outcomes. Preference for funding will be given to organizations that demonstrate a region-wide approach to economic development and ability to retain or attract primary jobs. Primary jobs are defined as jobs which produce goods and services in excess of what can be consumed by the local market, and are exported to other markets in exchange for money or export income.