Person responding to a cell phone scam and holding a credit card. Depicts people being tricked into paying a scammer.

Phone scams targeting rural areas of Garfield County

December 29, 2022

Phone scammers are striking in many of the municipalities and rural areas of Garfield County. They may be using auto dialers that sequentially call numbers until someone answers. Recent phone scams involved the perpetrator telling the victim that they have missed a payment on a fine or failed to show for a jury summons and that an arrest warrant will be issued.

The caller identifies their self as a law enforcement officer giving the name of a deputy or police officer in our area who you might know along with the office or department for which they work. They explain that by making a payment now, you will be able to avoid additional penalties or even being arrested.

If you think the call is legitimate, get the agency’s name who is calling as well as the person’s name, then hang up. Do your homework, call that agency through a number you have researched on your own, not any number that the caller has provided. Remember, as in most scams, the perpetrator is calling you. You really have no idea to whom you are talking.

Other scams involve credit cards, past due accounts or possibly accounts opened in your name. Do not take the bait! If they are offering you an easy fix; such as quick settlement through a store issued cash card, or they want your credit card or debit card number you can be fairly certain; you are being scammed.

Scams may involve callers claiming to represent various charities or other organizations, some you might even recognize. If it sounds legitimate and something you want to support, ask the caller to mail you more information so you can review it. If they are legitimate, they will not mind waiting.