Oil & Gas

March 20, 2013

Garfield County staff is receiving information on the discovery of subsurface hydrocarbons in groundwater near a gas plant just north of Parachute, Colorado. The plant is operated by Williams on private land in Garfield County.

Garfield County Oil and Gas Liaison, Kirby Wynn, was alerted to the situation via standard regulatory reporting protocols on the morning of March 14. Wynn has subsequently participated in an onsite briefing at the location where the hydrocarbons were initially discovered.

An investigation is underway, administered by federal and state agencies – the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC).

At this time, Garfield County is closely observing the investigation by these agencies into the source and extent of the subsurface hydrocarbon contamination. To date, there has not been indication of a public health and safety issue that requires action by Garfield County, but staff will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Citizens may contact the following individuals from Williams and representing the regulatory agencies investigating to mitigate the hydrocarbons:

Donna Gray
Community Relations Specialist

Todd Hartman
Communications Director
Colorado Department of Natural Resources
303-866-3311 ext. 8665

Lisa McClain-Vanderpool
Media Officer
US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8