A lush farm field in Garfield County.

Noxious weed cost-share program available

Garfield County, conservation districts are again offering popular program

April 21, 2023

Garfield County and the Bookcliff, Mount Sopris, and South Side Conservation districts are once again offering landowners financial assistance for controlling noxious weeds and trees on their properties. Cost-sharing is available for all state of Colorado listed noxious weeds and watch list species, including Russian olive, tamarisk, and Siberian elm trees.

Landowners are advised to prepare for weed treatments in early spring. White top and biennial thistles are the first noxious weeds to appear and can be difficult to spot before flowering, at which time it is too late for many treatments.

Applications for the Noxious Weed Cost-Share program are available online at garfield-county.com/vegetation-management or at bookcliffmountsoprissouthsidecd.org. To arrange a mandatory on-site visit, call Garfield County Vegetation Management at 970-945-1377, ext. 4305 or 4315, or the conservation districts at 970-404-3438. This visit is required before the application is accepted.

Only Colorado State Department of Agriculture-approved treatments are reimbursed. Funds are limited, therefore ineffective materials, incorrect rates, less than optimum treatment timing, and off-label treatments will not be cost-shared.

Please make sure your application is filled out in its entirety. If you have questions about the application, or for more information on specific weeds, please call Garfield County Vegetation Management. Noxious weed information can also be found on the Colorado Department of Agriculture website at ag.colorado.gov/conservation/noxious-weeds.