Mudslide blocks access to Hanging Lake Trailhead

May 3, 2023

Monday afternoon a large mudslide occurred above the Hanging Lake Rest Area road and is now blocking access to the rest area and Hanging Lake Trail.

The slide only affects access to the Hanging Lake Rest Area and is not impacting Glenwood Canyon or Interstate 70. The trail to Hanging Lake and the lake itself are not impacted by this debris flow.

No one was injured or trapped behind the debris flow, but people with reservations to hike Hanging Lake will not be able to access the trail until the road is cleared.

“We have been actively contacting all reservation holders during this closure and refunding charges or rescheduling visitors for a later date,” said Ken Murphy of H20 Ventures, which operates the reservation system.

“We appreciate the close coordination from the Colorado Department of Transportation, and we appreciate all they are doing to clear the road during this very busy time of year,” said Eagle-Holy Cross District Ranger Leanne Veldhuis.

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CDOT information: CDOT crews are responding to a mudslide on the access road to Hanging Lake Rest Area. The access road is connected to eastbound Interstate 70 in Glenwood Canyon at exit 125. Mainline I-70 in Glenwood Canyon is not affected. On the Hanging Lake access road, crews began removing mudslide material on Tuesday, May 2, as soon as conditions on the access road were safe. Next, crews will remove mudslide material from next to the access road, in order to restore a drainage channel for future flooding and mudflows. Crews are also assessing how likely there will be another mudslide in the area. There is also flooding on one of the bridges leading to the Hanging Lake Rest Area access road.