rafting in Colorado river

Missing Rafter on Colorado River

Report of a missing rafter near Grizzly Creek in the Glenwood Canyon

June 26, 2023

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO. – Shortly after 2:00 PM on Sunday June 25, 2023, the Glenwood Springs Fire Department and the
Garfield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a missing rafter near Grizzly Creek in the
Glenwood Canyon.
A Father and son entered the Colorado River at Grizzly Creek with the intent of rafting to the New
Castle area. Shortly after the raft put into the River it capsized. The son was able to swim to the shore
while the father, according to witnesses, continued down the river holding on to the capsized raft.
Glenwood Fire arrived on scene and immediately began their rescue efforts searching the river on both
banks from the Grizzly Creek Rest area to Two Rivers Park in Glenwood Springs. Search and Rescue
was called to assist in the search. After two hours of searching both banks and the River, Glenwood
Fire ceased their efforts on the Colorado River and cleared the scene allowing Search and Rescue
members to continue their work.
With night approaching and in the interest of safety, Search and Rescue members suspended their
rescue efforts for the day shortly after 8:00 PM. The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office is currently
treating this as a missing person report and will work with Search and Rescue to continue the search in
the area.
The missing person is described as a 65 year old male who was last seen wearing a grey shirt or hoody
with white and yellow gloves. It is unclear if he was wearing a personal flotation device or not.
107 Eighth Street, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 970-945-0453 970-945-6430 (fax) www.garcosheriff.com
The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone. It is great to enjoy all the white
water challenges that Colorado Rivers provide everyone should follow a few simple guidelines while
on a river, particularly when navigating what are known as “white water” areas:
1) Always wear a personal flotation device.
2) When on white water rapids wear a helmet designed for water usage.
3) Raft in groups with two or more rafts or watercraft in your party
4) Make sure someone on shore or at home knows the area or stretch of water you are
planning to navigate.
Be safe, be smart, and enjoy this terrific recreational opportunity.
The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Glenwood Springs Fire and the members of
Garfield County Search and Rescue for their quick and professional response in this matter.