Wooden beams as part of the construction of a roof framing truss system.

Minor subdivision approved off Four Mile

Six duplexes are planned to create 12 single-family residences

May 9, 2023

Garfield County has approved a rezoning application to clear the way for a minor subdivision off Four Mile Road (County Road 117). The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved the land use change permit for the planned unit development (PUD) for Sunlight Parkway, LLC, which aims to build six duplexes on 2.5 acres of the overall 8.77-acre site.

The average proposed lot size for the duplexes is roughly 0.7 acres or double the minimum allowable size for zoning requirements (residential high). The owner and manager of the property is Jason Neuman, and the application was prepared by D.M. Neuman Construction out of Glenwood Springs.

“The duplexes will straddle every-other property line, which will effectively create a large open space between structures,” the application notes. “Rear-yard setbacks will be 50 feet from Four Mile Road, so that a natural green-belt can be preserved between the road and new structures.”
The proposed two-level structures are designed to be 2,400 square feet, with either a 1- or 1.5-vehicle garage. No parking lots are proposed in the project.

“In part, I bought it to develop, and in part, I bought it to guard it and make sure it’s developed appropriately,” Neuman told the board. “The reality is that you could put a whole lot more on it based on the existing density that its approved for. While you could do that, we need something here that fits in and meets a need. We’re trying to develop something that has space around it, so it feels more single-family.

“I’m building my own home there and will live next to this, and I do not want the property to be a nuisance. I think what we’re developing makes sense,” he added.

Garfield County Community Development staff supported the application with findings, and meeting conditions of approval provided by the county planning commission. The board approved the rezoning application unanimously, 3-0.

“Duplexes are not out of character. If you go farther up Four Mile to Oak Meadows, there are townhomes and if you continue up to Sunlight you have condominiums,” said Commissioner Tom Jankovsky. “As a community, county, and region, we are in a housing crunch. This isn’t affordable housing, but it is attainable housing.”