A man is converting a van into a caravan.

Land use text amendment expands uses in commercial general zone district

Provides assembly of structures and vehicle conversion opportunities for businesses

February 10, 2023

Garfield County has expanded its list of allowed uses within its commercial general zone district to include the assembly of structures and vehicle conversions, creating more opportunities for local businesses.

In a text amendment, the county broadened its definition of the commercial general zone district to allow for low-impact industrial uses. Prior to the text amendment, the zone district only specified general retail, service, and recreation-oriented commercial businesses intended to serve the county. Assembly of structures has traditionally been allowed in the commercial limited district with a limited impact review, and in the industrial zone district with an administrative review.

Review of the assembly of structures in the commercial general zone district is now handled through the more expedited administrative process, which can be reviewed by the Board of County Commissioners if the board, the Garfield County Community Development director, or an adjoining neighbor requests it.

The amendment also paves the way for camper van conversion businesses to locate in the commercial general zone through the administrative review process.

Community development staff prepared and reviewed the text amendment and determined that it complies with the criteria established in the county’s land use and development regulations for text amendments.

“The land use code’s description only mentions commercial uses and there are a number of uses that we could have in the commercial general zone that would be better categorized as low-impact industrial,” explained Garfield County Community Development Director Sheryl Bower. “This amended language broadens the description and allows for some different uses.”

The Board of County Commissioners approved the text amendment unanimously, 3-0.

“I think this is very important and I want Garfield County to be known as business-friendly and pro-economic development,” said Commissioner Tom Jankovsky.