Garfield County elected officials are sworn in

January 11, 2011

Two newly elected officials joined five incumbent Garfield County officers in taking the oath of office January 11, 2011 before a packed crowd in the Garfield County Administration Building.

Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky and Assessor Jim Yellico are starting new terms of office after winning their seats in the 2010 General Election.

Also taking oath were the current Surveyor Scott Aibner, Coroner Trey Holt, Clerk and Recorder Jean Alberico and Sheriff Lou Vallario. Garfield County Treasurer Georgia Chamberlain took her oath of office at the close of 2010.

During the swearing in ceremony, 9th Judicial District Court Judge Daniel Petre read the oaths to perform the duties of their offices individually to each of the elected officers and they restated the oath and then signed official copies. The judge subscribed and swore to their commitment to their offices.