High-efficiency boilers yield financial rewards for the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and Garfield County

November 17, 2020

Sheriff Lou Vallario of Garfield County and Facilities Maintenance Manger Adrian Ceja receive a rebate check for thirty seven thousand one hundred nineteen dollars ($37,119.00) from Black Hills Energy as part of the Colorado Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Incentive Program.

The Sheriff’s Office replaced three twenty-year old standard efficiency (80%) boilers in the Garfield County Jail with three new high efficiency (96%) boilers. They also implemented advanced heating system controls and installed high efficiency domestic water equipment to complete the project. The boiler replacement was part of the Sheriff’s planned budget for 2020. The new boilers provide heat and hot water to the Jail, its inmates and staff, as well as the Sheriff’s Administrative Offices in Glenwood Springs.

The check from Black Hills Energy was part of the Colorado Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Incentive Fund and is only the beginning. The new boilers are projected to save 13,928 Therms of energy each year, which translates into ten thousand seven hundred three dollars $10,703.00 annually. This will reduce the building’s annual “Carbon Footprint” by 74 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and 1393 kg of Methane (CH4) as well as netting a 0.139 Kg reduction in Nitrogen Oxide (N2O) emissions.

Sheriff Vallario is pleased with the savings, in operational dollars, to our taxpayers as well as the reduction in pollution that the new system brings.