Garfield County receives $5.8 million Ursa tax payment

PRESS RELEASE January 18, 2021

The Garfield County Treasurer’s office has received a $5.8 million dollar payment from URSA for 2019 taxes, payable in 2020, amid bankruptcy claims filed last year. URSA was acquired by Terra Energy Partners (TEP) after a bankruptcy court judge approved the sale in November.

“Garfield County has continued to look out for the interests of its citizens,” said Garfield County Treasurer, Carrie Couey. “Staff from the Garfield County Attorney’s and Treasurer’s offices has worked in tandem to make the best decisions possible in pursuing obtaining of the funds owed to the county by URSA. We are pleased that the efforts have come to fruition,” said Couey.

The payment may ease concerns expressed by western Garfield County taxing authorities running on already lean budgets.

The 2020 taxes payable in 2021 will be assumed by Terra Energy Partners as outlined in the sale agreement made between URSA and Terra.