Garfield County increasing local preference policy

Temporary boost designed to support local vendors through Sept. 31

May 18, 2020

Garfield County is bolstering its local preference policy to award more contracts to local vendors, helping the area recover economically from disruptions from COVID-19. Through the Garfield County Procurement Department, approved local vendors will temporarily see a boost from the usual 5 percent to a 7.5 percent preference on bids and proposals through Sept. 31.


Preference policies typically span from 1.5 to 10 percent and are designed to benefit local economies. All solicitations through procurement for goods, services and construction are eligible for the increased preference, excluding federally funded projects, which are restricted from such programs.


To qualify for local preference, a vendor must submit an affidavit noting that its principal place of business and 75 percent of its workforce are located in Garfield County, as well as 75 percent of its vehicles and equipment are registered in the county.


In the case of bids and proposals, the approved local business receives a 7.5 percent credit that augments a local firm’s actual bid for the purpose of bid comparison. Contact Garfield County Procurement and Contracts Director Jamaica Watts at (970) 384-5018 with questions on the local preference policy or to receive an affidavit. More information is available at


The increase to the preference program was approved unanimously, 3-0, by the Board of County Commissioners.

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