Running water and burnt timbers from a wildfire in Colorado.

Reachwell launch

October 30, 2023

Eagle, Garfield, and Pitkin Counties, Colo.- Garfield, Eagle, and Pitkin community members can now receive emergency alerts in over 130 languages with the County’s new app from ReachWell. This month the counties are collaborating with local public information officers to introduce the ReachWell app to communities throughout the counties. Anyone in the community can now receive translated emergency alerts, without having to sign up or give out any personal information.

“It is very clear that we need to do a better job informing non-English speakers about emergency events,” said Tom Holman, 911 Operations Manager at Garfield County Emergency Communications Authority. “We still encourage residents to opt in to call, text, and email communication but we now provide options for residents to receive emergency alerts in their language without requiring them to share their private information. The ReachWell app provides emergency alerts in over 130 languages without tracking location or requiring the sharing of sensitive information. Plus, it’s full of resources to help get our residents prepared for an event or recover from a disaster.”

ReachWell’s app is available to everyone, even visiting tourists. It does not require users to create an account or enter personal information to follow Garfield, Eagle, or the Pitkin County channel and receive alerts.

“We know there are many barriers to effectively engaging everyone in the community, and we would never want that to be a reason why someone misses vital life-saving information,” said Zuben Bastani, CEO and Founder of ReachWell. “We designed the most accessible tool out there because everyone has a right to access information and resources easily.”

Citizens can follow each county channel on the ReachWell app in just two steps:

1. Download the ReachWell app and accept push notifications.
2. Optional: Select their preferred language.
3. Add the county’s emergency alert channel.

GarCo911 partnering with ReachWell

Community notice
April 17, 2023

The Garfield County Emergency Communications Authority (GarCo911) has partnered with ReachWell to provide translated emergency and community alerts to non-English-speaking members of the community. Information on ReachWell, which is an app being utilized in Pitkin County, can be found online. Sign up for community emergency notifications via GarCo911 to stay up to date on issues affecting Garfield County.