Methane gas burning.

Forest Service seeks comments on Coal Basin methane research

U.S. Forest Service press release
May 9, 2023

The White River National Forest seeks public comments on a proposal to inventory and study the quality and quantity of waste methane gas venting near inactive coal mines in Coal Basin west of Redstone using aircraft and surface instruments.

The proposal from Delta Brick and Climate Company, LLC includes using drones or helicopters to fly over a 5-square-mile area as well as using ground-based monitoring units to gather data about the volume, concentration and location of methane gas being emitted into the atmosphere from vents, mining adits and other surface features. This information will help identify the type of methane gas mitigation projects to pursue in the future.

“This current analysis is only looking at the proposal to gather data about methane venting,” said Aspen-Sopris Deputy District Ranger Jennifer Schuller. “Any future mitigation projects in Coal Basin would be analyzed separately, which would include opportunities for public involvement.”

Press release