2012 Proposed budget preserves strong fund balance for Garfield County

September 29, 2011

The Garfield County Finance Department presented a proposed 2012 budget to the Garfield County Board of County Commission on September 29. The budget forecasts revenues of approximately $113 million and expenditures of $120 million.

The strategy for the 2012 proposed Garfield County budget focuses on retaining current staffing levels after significant reductions occurred in 2010 and 2011, and keeping operating expenses at a flat rate. The strategy also features few infrastructure projects, capital equipment acquisitions, limited road projects and no major capital projects that don’t have pass-through monies.

As a result, county administrators expect to maintain a $100 million fund balance, despite the expected gap of $7.5 million between revenues and expenses. A year end fund balance of more than $107 million is projected for the end of 2011. In 2011, savings are expected due to job vacancies, other anomalies, and from prudent, conservative day-to-day operations.

The economic environment continues to be challenging with a likely double-dip recession causing a continued sluggish economy, depressed property values, and reduced state funding in human services, public health and capital project grants. In spite of this, overall county revenues have stabilized, partially due to a 10% growth of property tax revenues from increased levels of oil and gas activity.

“The 2012 budget is prepared to maintain the county’s strong financial position,” said Director of Administrative Services, Lisa Dawson. “We are committed, above all, to preserving our fiscal health and continuing to provide excellent services to the residents of Garfield County.”

2012 Proposed Garfield County Budget Presentation