COVID update: boosters, natural immunity, SMART cards

November 23, 2021

COVID-19 update for Garfield County.

COVID vaccine clinics
Many community providers are offering COVID-19 vaccine clinics.

Counting booster doses
Anyone 18 or older who received Pfizer or Moderna six months ago, or anyone who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine two months ago, is due for a booster and should plan to get one.

As of last week, 27 percent of those eligible have received a booster/third dose of vaccine. Roughly 18,000 people in Garfield County are now eligible to receive a booster dose.

Examining natural immunity
In a study published October 1, 2021, by the journal Microbe, researchers have begun modeling how long natural immunity lasts after a COIVD-19 infection. Scientists are unable to measure how much protection individual antibodies provide, due to the number of variants circulating and each person will have a different immune response.

Research shows that an individual can expect to see reinfection between 3 to 53 months after antibody decline, with most people seeing re-infection within 16 months.

Individuals who were sick with a previous strain of virus may find that their natural immunity is waning and may be at risk for contracting a new variant. Researchers who modeled the durability of natural immunity make the case that vaccinations are they best way to solve the pandemic, and that herd immunity is not a viable option due to variants of COVID-19.

Scientists have found the most consistent levels of antibody development, and development that offers protection against many variants of COVID-19, is through vaccination.

Garfield County has 74.6 percent of eligible individuals age 12+ vaccinated with at least one dose, and 66.6 percent are up to date.

Hospitalizations, outbreaks, and deaths
Ten individuals (nine unvaccinated) are currently hospitalized for COVID-19.

Garfield County Public Health is monitoring outbreaks within long-term care facilities at Heritage Park (three individuals) and the Veterans Community Living Center (10 individuals) and one school outbreak, Ross Montessori (68 individuals). All numbers are cumulative.

There have been 10 deaths since October 1 (all unvaccinated). Eight have been confirmed due to COVID-19, with two currently pending an investigation by the coroner.

Keep a secure digital vaccine copy with SMART Health Card
The SMART Health Card is a free, internationally recognized, digital version of the COVID-19 vaccine record. It allows users to share proof of vaccination using a secure QR code on mobile phones.

Proof of vaccination required for indoor seated events of 500+
The Ninth Amended Colorado Public Health Order issued November 19, mandates proof of vaccination for indoor seated events of over 500 people. This order primarily impacts larger venues on Colorado’s front-range.

As of November 11, individuals vaccinated anywhere in the state with a Garfield County address.

Vaccine First Doses Second Doses Third Doses  
Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) 3,089 100
Pfizer 16,168 13,947 2,712
Moderna 19,553 17,441 4,306
Total 38,790 31,488 7,018 Overall change
Difference from 11/12 920 305 1,456 2,681

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