COVID-19 weekly summary


State dial changes uncertain, 46% of Garfield County vaccinated, J&J replaced by Moderna at county clinics, half of all cases in Colorado are variant strains

State Dial and Local Control

The State has shared that on April 16 the COVID-19 Dial will be turned over to local ordinances and local control. What that really means is still not clear for those in health departments across the state and in Garfield County. The County is waiting for further announcements, guidance or orders to come from the Governor’s office on Friday. However, the dial leaving does not mean that all restrictions automatically go away.

Public Health will continue to monitor COVID cases and adhere to guidance and regulations. The health department will continue to provide local data and a color-coded guide for the community and medical partners to gauge prevalence and spread. Many of the preventive measures such as indoor mask wearing and social distancing are still incredibly important. A nation-wide fourth wave a number of recent local outbreaks and case levels persistently in the “yellow category” are evidence that we are still living with the COVID-19 virus.

Vaccines / Johnson & Johnson

Using a census estimate, around 45,000 residents are age 16+ and eligible for vaccine in Garfield County. This means approximately 46% have had one shot and 36% have been fully vaccinated. The state surpassed 2,122,809 people immunized with one dose.

State and Federal agencies have asked that vaccine providers pause on distributing Johnson & Johnson vaccine as they further investigate six rare but serious cases of blood clotting that have been reported. Garfield County has been able to continue all of its planned clinics and will be providing the Moderna vaccine.

Public Health will continue to post vaccine appointments available each week by Tuesday morning on the vaccine English webpage, Spanish webpage, and on Facebook @Garfieldhealth.


Variant Update

More than 50% of COVID-19 cases in Colorado are due to variants. According to the CDPHE, if you contract COVID now, it is probably going to be one of the variant strains which are known to cause more severe illness and are much easier to spread.

The state has officially entered a fourth-wave, though it looks different because of the vaccine progress and variants. There is a state-wide increase in the 50 and younger population becoming ill with COVID, while the 50 and older population are reporting fewer cases due to higher vaccination rates.

  • 54 cases of the B.1.1.7 (UK) variant with over 60 suspect cases awaiting sequencing.
  • 11 B.1.427/429 (CA) variant


CURRENT STATS –  from Johns Hopkins,, CDPHE, and Our World in Data

Geographic Area Total Cases Currently Hospitalized Deaths *Recovered
Global 135,744,48 Not Available (N/A) 2,932,003 77,131,597
United States 31,181,260 35,536 561,973 N/A
Colorado 479,590 470 6,303 N/A
Garfield County 5,709 N/A N/A
39 Confirmed
Eagle County 5,787 N/A 22 N/A
Pitkin County 2,441 N/A 4 N/A
Mesa County 13,806 5 124 13,674


*This number represents patients discharged in the state

Cases since last week

  • 96 cases added from 4/5-4/11, up 11 from week before, for a rolling average of 13.7 cases added per day


  • 37 confirmed COVID-19 related deaths
  • 2 deaths have occurred amongst COVID-19 cases; cause of death was not COVID-19
  • 0 deaths under investigation
  • 0 new death reported since last week



Two-week incidence:

Monday: 141.3

Tuesday: 141.3

Wednesday: 151.2

Thursday: 151.2

Friday: 164.5

Saturday: 151.2



Hospitalizations, days with stable or declining hospitalizations (previous 14 days):

Monday: 11

Tuesday: 10

Wednesday: 11

Thursday: 11

Friday: 10

Saturday: 10

Sunday: 10


Test positivity, two-week period:

Monday: 5.1%

Tuesday: 5.2%

Wednesday: 5.1%

Thursday: 4.8%

Friday: 4.8%

Saturday: 4.6%

Sunday: 3.9%



As of April 10, for individuals vaccinated anywhere in the state with a Garfield County address.


 Vaccine First   Doses Second Doses        
Moderna 12,790 8,441  
Pfizer 7,210 6,238  
Johnson & Johnson 1,588  
Total 21,588 14,679  


Using a census estimate, around 45,000 residents are age 16+ and eligible for vaccine in Garfield County.
This means approximately 46% have had one shot and 36% have been fully vaccinated.


The following are the total number of doses administered by Garfield County providers as of April 10, 2021.


First   Doses Second Doses      
All vaccinating

Providers as of 4/10

22,709 15,831  


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