New vaccine benefits, 1B.3 phase to open, Level Blue

March 2, 2012

Garfield County’s test positivity is still below 5 percent, but up slightly from last week and the incidence rate tipped just over blue into the yellow category on the dial metrics. Both levels remain significantly below where they were even one month ago. Hospitalizations remain low and stable. One reason is that the vaccine has now been delivered to many of our communities most vulnerable 65 and older population and nearly all residents and staff of long-term care facilities statewide.

Four new reasons to get the COVID vaccine  

  1. Two weeks after the second dose there is no required quarantine for people exposed to COVID-19. Out of caution, there are still a few exceptions for those who work or live in congregate settings.
  2. 2 & 3. No deaths or hospitalizations were reported in the 75,000 people who received the COVID vaccine from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Novovax after four weeks. Well-documented evidence shows that vaccinated people have almost no risk of getting seriously ill from COVID. Early data shows that people who have received the COVID vaccine have significantly less chance of spreading the virus to others.

Level Blue for Garfield County

Last week, the state moved Garfield County into Level Blue on the COVID dial. Outdoor events have potential to benefit the most with more space than indoor businesses and events. In Level Blue, the social distancing calculator still applies and may limit the number of people allowed in a space even though the per person maximums have increased. Garfield County has provided a chart of the highlights between Level Yellow and Level Blue and where to find sector specific guidance for your event or business.

Masks and distancing for now, but hope in the future 

The statewide mask mandate is still in effect. The state estimates that only 21 percent of Coloradoans are immune (from both vaccine and natural immunity after previous COVID infection) and that only 30 percent of cases are being reported. Therefore, COVID is still able to spread to many people and why precautions still need to be taken. Even those who have been vaccinated are asked to model the way and continue to wear masks and distance. Other measures like handwashing and staying home when sick will always be important elements in fighting disease spread.

Next vaccination phase announced 

On March 5, anyone age 60 and up; people with two or more chronic conditions (of those listed) and grocery store workers may make a vaccine appointment.

Find when and where you can be vaccinated on the vaccine page.

In mid- to late-March, the state hopes to expand to phase 1B.4.

Following 1B.4, the vaccine will be open to the general public.

 CURRENT STATS – these come from Johns Hopkins,, CDPHE

Geographic Area  Total Cases  Currently Hospitalized  Deaths  Recovered 
Global 113,982,329 Not Available (N/A) 2,528,948 64,371,744
United States 28,593,351 58,222 502,171 N/A
Colorado 427,462 393 5,945 22,622*
Garfield County 5,226 N/A 37 Confirmed N/A
2 Under Investigated
Eagle County 5,050 N/A 20 N/A
Pitkin County 1,970 N/A 4 N/A
Mesa County 13,270 16 117 12,979

*This number represents patients discharged in the state


Cases since last week 

  • 83 cases added from 2/22 – 2/28, for a rolling average of 11.9 cases added per day


  • 37 confirmed COVID-19 related deaths
  • 2 deaths have occurred amongst COVID-19 cases; cause of death was not COVID-19
  • 2 deaths under investigation
  • 0 new death reported since last week


Two-week incidence: 

Monday: 53.20

Tuesday: 56.5

Wednesday: 73.10

Thursday: 71.5

Friday: 86.4

Saturday: 94.7

Sunday: 108.0


Hospitalizations, days with stable or declining hospitalizations (previous 14 days):  

Monday: 13

Tuesday: 13

Wednesday: 13

Thursday: 13

Friday: 14

Saturday: 14

Sunday: 14


Test positivity, two-week period: 

Monday: 3.1%

Tuesday: 3.6%

Wednesday: 4%

Thursday: 4.1%

Friday: 3.6%

Saturday: 3.4%

Sunday: 3.3%



Previous week’s weather delays caused a delay in Garfield County vaccine providers reporting out on the numbers of individuals vaccinated. We anticipate a jump in the number of doses administered and the number of people vaccinated.

   Valley View  Grand    River Health  Mountain Family    Health Center  Garfield County    Public Health  Long Term Care Facilities  Totals 
Vaccine Administered  8,680 3,767 773 115 1,395 14,730 
1st Dose  5,721 2,687 771 115 807 10,101 
2nd Dose/fully vaccinated  2,959 1,080 2 588 4,629 
70+  2,153 1,326 272 64 3,794 
70+ fully vaccinated  1,425 700 2,125 
65-69 yrs.  1,022 261 94 5 1,382 
65-69 yrs. fully vaccinated  92 38 130 


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