A sign pointing toward the Rifle-Garfield County Airport

County leases land, commercial space to Rifle Aviation

Local business plans to build two large hangars, expand rental hangar space

May 27, 2022

Garfield County agreed to convert a private hangar lease to a commercial hangar lease for Rifle Aviation LLC to operate at the Rifle Garfield County Airport. The base term for the commercial space runs through May 31, 2052, and includes two five-year extensions.

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) also approved a Rifle Aviation conceptual plan, which aims to construct two new hangars on shovel-ready parcels of land for the purpose of renting out the heated hangar space, helping to grow the client base at the airport.

“They’re requesting to lease Alpha 5 and Alpha 6 for the construction of two new large hangars,” said Rifle Garfield County Airport Director Brian Condie. “The last remaining parcel is Alpha 7, and we have a lease proposal coming in two weeks for that. This means we have a waiting list for the remaining undeveloped land at the airport.”

Rifle Aviation’s conceptual plan for the two large hangars includes one that is roughly 235’ by 120’ and the other 140’ by 120’. That standard lease is for 20 years with the option for two 10-year extensions for Alpha 5 and 6 (112,320 square feet) and estimated at $31,635 annually.

“It’s a great opportunity for the airport,” said Rifle Aviation Manager Mike Pavich. “It’s been growing for the past few years and it’s exciting to see and be a part of. It’s a good move for us all. We’d like to build larger hangars because throughout the busy months we get stocked up and there’s a waitlist. We want to build there, and we want to see it grow.”

A maintenance facility and flight academy are in Rifle Aviation’s future plans at the airport, he said.

“Last year, Rifle Aviation acquired the private hangar lease for parcel 5FL, with the intent to convert that over to a commercial lease,” added Condie. “They’ve now completed that portion.”

The land parcel concept plan and commercial lease were both approved unanimously by the BOCC, 3-0.

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