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Cottonwood Pass opens May 4 for summer season

May 3, 2022

Cottonwood Pass in Eagle County, which runs from Gypsum to the Roaring Fork Valley, opens Wednesday, May 4. It will remain open through the fall, conditions permitting.

Cottonwood Pass drivers are urged to use caution when driving this road. Traffic and weather can have a significant impact on road conditions. Furthermore, portions of the road are not paved, there are many sharp turns, and steep drop-offs.

Be advised that regulations prohibit travel on portions of Cottonwood Pass for over-sized vehicles without a permit. Any vehicle that exceeds 8 feet six inches in width, 14 feet six inches in height and 35 feet in length will require a permit to travel over Cottonwood Pass.

An announcement will be made when Cottonwood Pass closes. For more information, contact the Eagle County Road & Bridge Department at 970-328-3540 or at

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