Well pads and pipeline in Battlement Mesa PUD

December 17, 2015

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to unanimously approve three Special Use Permit applications for two natural gas well pads and co-located pipelines in Battlement Mesa with multiple conditions of approval added.

After taking testimony over a three-day period, including hours of resident and community presentations and comments, the Board of County Commissioners reviewed each condition of approval with the Battlement Mesa Concerned Citizens committee and with applicants Ursa Operating Company and Battlement Mesa Partners representatives. These conditions of approval centered on air quality, traffic, noise, dust, odors, inspection notice, drainage, home values, emergency plans, and reporting to the BOCC by the applicant quarterly.

The board included modifications and revisions to the conditions of approval from the Battlement Mesa Concerned Citizens (working with Western Colorado Congress) into the final conditions of approval for the Special Use Permit applications. The conditions will be provided online here, when available from the proceedings.


Application documents

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MIPA-06-15-8341 Battlement Mesa BMC D Well Pad
MIPA-06-15-8342 Battlement Mesa BMC B Well Pad
PDPA-08-15-8378 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase 1 Pipeline