Wastewater discharge near No Name Trail

April 30, 2015

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO – Garfield County is investigating a small wastewater discharge near No Name Trail #2068, commonly known as the Jess Weaver Trail. The discharge is occurring along County Road 129 (No Name Lane) near the trailhead. Tests the county sent to the City of Glenwood Springs Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility have confirmed the presence of E. coli in the small discharge area.

The county has posted signs marking the area of the potential health hazard until the source can be identified, and the situation corrected. The signs say water tests are in progress and that citizens may call the county with questions.

Hikers and residents are advised to exercise reasonable care to avoid coming into contact with standing water in the area of the trailhead and to keep pets away, as it is contaminated with E. coli.

If people or pets come into contact with the seepage, please make sure and thoroughly wash all affected areas and clothing thoroughly with warm water and soap. Medical treatment is recommended if anything is ingested.

Garfield County’s Community Development Department is investigating the source and will seek mitigation measures.

Questions or concerns should be directed to the Environmental Health Division of Garfield County Public Health at 970-665-6380, or to Community Development at 970-945-8212.