Commissioners support Colorado River District mill levy question going on November ballot

If passed, initiative would increase the mill levy up to 0.5 mills

Press Release
September 18, 2020

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO – The Garfield County Commissioners are supporting a ballot initiative going to voters by the Colorado River Water Conservation District that, if approved on November 3, would increase the mill levy up to 0.5 mills. This increase would result in a tax of roughly $1.90 per every $100,000 in residential property value beginning in 2021.

The Colorado River District seeks to keep local water on the Western Slope; protect water supplies for agriculture and drinking; support recreation; protect fisheries and fund projects promoting river and stream health in western Colorado. If approved, the mill levy would raise roughly $4.9 million for these efforts from 15 counties and will not be used to increase staff at the river district.

“We feel that a mill levy increase is the fairest way to go about this,” said Dave Merritt, Colorado River Water Conservation District president. “We’re asking for support from the Garfield County Commissioners on this as we move forward.”

The commissioners supported the ballot initiative unanimously, 3-0.