COVID-19 summary for the week of August 4

August 4, 2021


Comparing incidence rates of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, new CDC guidance, increase in first dose vaccines

On July 27, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shifted the mask message for vaccinated persons, stating that in places of high transmission, (as most of the nation is) fully vaccinated individuals should consider wearing masks when indoors. Garfield County is currently listed on the CDC site as “substantial” level of community transmission.

Part of this new messaging is due to the Delta variant, which continues to be the dominant COVID-19 strain in Garfield and surrounding counties. The Delta variant is more contagious and has been linked to increased breakthrough cases. A breakthrough case occurs when a fully vaccinated individual contracts COVID-19. However, for the fully vaccinated, it does not appear to increase hospitalization or death risk.

Vaccinations remain the best defense against severe disease, hospitalizations, and death.

Slight decline in cases
Over the past 14 days, there has been a slight decrease in COVID-19 cases, dropping from approximately 12 per day to 9.7, along with a decrease in the test positivity rate from a high of 7.4 percent to five percent.

Increase in first dose vaccines given
For the first time in several weeks, Garfield County providers administered more first doses of COVID-19 vaccine than second doses. Out of the 588 doses administered over the past week, 348 were first doses. This is nearly 60 percent first doses, and a good sign that people who may have been holding off are now ready to become vaccinated.

COVID-19 numbers for Garfield County
118 total breakthrough cases for Garfield County 2 currently hospitalized 51 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19 14 deaths since the first week in May 91% of our hospitalized cases since July have been unvaccinated 100% of all COVID-19 tests sequenced in Colorado are the Delta variant as of July 11, 2021

Incidence rate for vaccinated vs unvaccinated individuals
Garfield County Public Health examined the COVID-19 incidence rate in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals over the past seven- and 14-day periods and found the burden of the COVID-19 disease to be largely on those who are unvaccinated. Using the state demography office estimates, there are 60,168 individuals in Garfield County. As of July 30, there were 28,843 fully vaccinated individuals, leaving 31,325 unvaccinated individuals (including children too young to be vaccinated).

Cases of COVID-19 in Garfield County
Total cases 59 July 24-30 Breakthrough cases 9 July 24-30 Total cases 136 July 17-30 Breakthrough cases 24 July 17-30

Cumulative Incidence* Rate Comparison
7-day vaccinated 31.2 July 24-30 7-day unvaccinated 159.6 July 24-30 14-day vaccinated 83.2 July 17-30 14-day unvaccinated 434.2 July 17-30 *The cumulative incidence (CI) rate is a measure of the frequency that COVID is occurring over a specific time period and calculated per 100,000 people. It provides a picture of the state of the pandemic in a community.

Vaccine breakdown in Garfield County
• 63.3 percent of the eligible population have at least one dose
• 56.8 percent fully vaccinated
• 58 percent of females within the eligible population are fully vaccinated, while males are 55 percent

Age Group Percent fully vaccinated
12-15 29%
16-18 40%
19-29 48%
30-39 49%
40-49 56%
50-59 60%
60-69 75%
70-79 86%
80+ 76%


Back to school is nearly here; leave kids enough time to get both doses
Garfield County area schools begin mid-August. Parents who wish to have their 12 and older aged children fully vaccinated by the start of the 21-22 school year need to allow 21 days between doses of vaccine. It takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to be fully effective. That means that now is the optimal time to get students vaccinated in order to have them fully protected at the start of this school year.

Full list of upcoming vaccine clinics
Clinics are offered every day of the week in various locations throughout Garfield County. A list of vaccine clinics can be found on the English web page, Spanish web page, and on Facebook @Garfieldhealth.