Applications available for FMLD’s spring 2022 grant cycle

Applications for the Spring 2022 Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District (GCFMLD) grant application are now available. Increased funding from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs in 2021 allows for both the traditional and mini-grant programs.

The GCFMLD is an independent public body, not an agency of county or state government, whose powers are defined by the Colorado Federal Mineral Lease District Act. The GCFMLD has distributed over $27.9 million since our first grant cycle in the Spring of 2012.

State and federal law specify that FML funds may only be used by the state, or its political subdivisions, for (1) planning, (2) construction and maintenance of public facilities, or (3) provision of public services. See 30 U.S.C. §191. See also § 34-63-102(1)(a)(I) C.R.S. (2021). The GCFMLD does not grant funds to corporations, whether for-profit or non-profit.

The quality of your project and application, your compliance with our program rules and guidelines, and your alignment with our mission all matter to us. These are also factors in determining the GCFMLD’s 2022 Grantee of the Year Award, a $10,000 award announced at our annual awards luncheon in January, 2023.

Please review the frequently asked questions section of our website. Be sure to number and restate in full the language of all Selection Criteria Questions.

Please see general instructions 5 and 6 (email a copy of your application to, deliver original plus four, all three-hole punched, all prior to application deadline.)